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David Key Musicians

David Key is a drummer, producer and engineer who lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Known for his studio and live drumming, David has played drums and percussion on many records and collaborated with various artists including:

Corey Voss / Travis Cottrell / Reagan Barham / Hannah Oliver /Madison Street Worship/ Psallos / Clark Beckham / Krissy Nordhoff / Benji and Jenna Cowart / Davie and the Untamed / Allen/ Lloyd Nicks / Daniel Nunnelee / Chloe Kimes / Rhyan Shirley / Scott and Lydia Ingegneri / Audrey Couch / Brett Perkins / Chris Powell / All About Worship and many, many more.

​Since 2015 David has been playing and recording drums full time; both traveling and in the studio with main acts being Corey Voss, Reagan Barham, Psallos, Daniel Nunnelee, and Awaken Ministries led by Scott and Lydia. His main work focus is creating records both old and new.


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