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FanPoweredMusic (FPM) Miscellaneous

FanPoweredMusic (FPM) is a streaming music service for independent, undiscovered artists. We are unique to all other streaming platforms because FPM is designed specifically for artists to find new fans, and listeners to hear new artists. Here’s how it works:

When you are listening to radio, every few songs there are ads. When you are listening to music on FPM, you get ads too. But the ads aren’t commercials, they are each a clip of a song from a new artist. We call them promos.

I’m an artist, how can I get my song to be a promo?
It’s easy! Get points! Well, first upload some music and choose which song to promo. The song you choose will automatically sent to the promo queue. As you earn points you will rise to the top of the promo queue, where your song will be matched with a user who we think will like your music.

Ok, how do I get points?
This is where the Fan Powered part comes into play. click here if you want to learn the specifics of the point system, but basically as an artist you get points by your fans being on the site. The more fans you have, and the more they listen to songs and interact with the site, the more points you will get! Whether you are an artist or a fan, you can keep track of points and position in the promo queue on the fancast page.

What is the Fancast?
The fancast is where you can see exactly how the points add up in real time. As a fan you can see the points that your artists are earning, and how much of that is you! You can also watch your artists climb up the promo queue and see each time when their music gets sent to a new fan. There’s a lot more to see on the fancast, it’s a lot of fun! For all the details click here.


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