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Hayley Gjertsen Photography Photo/Video

I’m a 20-something Seattle-native living in Nashville, Tennessee. In recent years, I’ve fallen in love with capturing imagery surrounding music. I truly believe music connects the world and is one of the greatest accomplishments of humankind. I find fulfillment in using my own passion as a tool to capture the passion of musicians. There’s nothing like it! Live performances, tours, behind the scenes moments, music videos—I love and want to do it all! Shooting live music offers so much variety, energy, emotion and color just waiting to be captured!

Life is all about finding what makes you happy—and the moment I picked up a camera, I felt inspired and empowered. My background as a marketing professional has heightened my ability to produce powerful content through my knowledge of advertising, social media and story-telling. I want to shoot photo and video content that will make YOU feel awesome and elevate YOU to the next level. Music imagery isn’t my only focus—just my favorite! Don’t hesitate to contact me with ideas, questions or comments. Let’s create!


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