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Lyssa Coulter Artists

Living your best life is about being in the moment and not letting others define who you are. For Lyssa Coulter, living your best life also means living with passion, finding yourself and understanding that vulnerability is not a weakness.

Rarely a follower, Coulter’s passion was expressed through her creativity and love for entertaining. She would belt out the lyrics to her favorite songs from the broadway musical Annie as her mother drove her to preschool at the age of two. From dancing in her home’s foyer to performances when the adults gathered, Lyssa has been looking for her stage since she could walk.

At the age of 18, Coulter went from karaoke to country music and made her first appearance as a singer-songwriter. From her first 15 minutes set at Faneuil Hall to performing at Opry City Stage in NYC and participating in writers rounds with some of today’s best writers in Nashville, Coulter believes that the failures throughout her journey have shaped her career just as much as the successes.  She continues to find inspiration, not just from the artists she looks up to, but also the people that surround her.

“I want my music to allow listeners to break free of their everyday lives. Three or four minutes of no worry about what’s for dinner tonight or the big project due in two days. Something that I’m working on as an artist and as a person is to stop, take a look around, and appreciate all that life has to offer. I want to bring that to others, while also allowing listeners to relate to my stories, seeing a commonality. Everyone is so wrapped up in getting to the next “station” rather than enjoying the ride. Every day it’s important to step back and see what’s going on around you rather than always thinking about the next minute, hour, day and beyond.”


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