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Macy Martin Artists

Macy Martin is not your typical contemporary country artist, though you could be fooled by her storybook origins. Born in College Station, Texas, she spent much of her early life on a ranch. A child who always loved to sing, her public debut as a solo performer, aged thirteen, was at a music night at the historic local general store down the road from her home. That night with the help of her parents & a hastily attained Christina Perri karaoke track she started wowing crowds with her voice.
 She came to Nashville & began working with Kent Wells, Dolly Parton band leader & producer. Their creative chemistry was undeniable, & it produced such hits as “Back to Reality”, a track which takes fairy-tale tropes & flips them on their head. Wells has been a consistent influence, & a close friend ever since. 
Her music has always followed along with her personal evolution. Debut single Me With You through full album “Find My Melody” see her backed by country-rock instrumentation, & telling stories of young love & self-discovery. By the time of “Game Boy”, & “Don’t Be the Reason”, however, she’s playing with a stronger pop aesthetic vocally & instrumentally, & the themes of her songs become more fiery & grounded. That said, she never loses sight of her country roots. 
“The message, the story, & the realness of a song is what defines the country genre,” she says of her work, “It’s real, & raw. It’s me, my own skin.”


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