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Sarah Jones Music Artists

Originally from North Carolina, Sarah Jones is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter.

Penning over 100 songs before graduating high school, Sarah began writing songs daily as a young teen. Wanting to share these tunes with the world, she started a YouTube channel; and after a few years of consistently uploading videos and growing a world-wide audience, Sarah finally felt ready to release music to her fans. While still living in North Carolina, Sarah released her first full album, “Music to My Dreams”, in 2014.

According to Steven Wilson, “In an industry of over-processed voices and banal lyrics, this artist offers well-crafted, heartfelt words supported by a wholesome, natural voice.”

Shortly after releasing her first album, Sarah moved to Nashville and quickly immersed herself amongst the talent in Music City, USA. Independently, Sarah released her first single, “Red Dead,” in November 2017, and released a second single, “Just Not Us” in May 2018.

A songwriter first and foremost, Sarah’s songs have been recorded by emerging country artists such as Priscilla Block (“Thick Thighs”), Hasting & Co. (“Brunch Drunk”, “Here Comes White Claws”), and Emily Daniels (“Ex on the Beach”). Her song credits have accumulated over 200K streams on Spotify, and earned a nomination for a 2020 NSAI Member Award. She has also been selected as a finalist in the 2020 Chris Austin Songwriting Competition, and will be performing at MerleFest 2021. Sarah can be found performing regularly at songwriter venues in Nashville.

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