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Teagan Stewart Artists

Growing up in the Southwest, country singer-songwriter Teagan Stewart had an endless blue sky to look up to and dream big. In between homework assignments and dance class, she spent her afternoons taking voice and guitar lessons, writing songs, and performing. A true academic, she loved to read, write, and work to become the top of her high school class. While the reading and writing may (or may not) have helped her songwriting, it often left little time to devote to music.

In 2014, she decided to put her music career on hold and pursued a Bachelor’s degree at Claremont McKenna College in California. There, she wrote and directed plays, competed in Model UN competitions around the world, and spent six months living in South America. She completed a senior thesis, which was the start of her first novel. While playwriting and fiction were exciting to explore, Stewart decided to return to the medium of songwriting to tell her stories.

In February of 2018, Stewart released “Water Wings” as her debut single and official music video. The process of recording and producing the song and video solidified her passion for storytelling through music. That fall, Stewart finally made the move to Nashville to pursue her dream of becoming a professional touring and recording artist.

Her style is best described as Country/Blues. At only 23, she has played in venues across the U.S., from the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, to the Bluebird and Douglas Corner Café in Nashville. She has also written with nationally acclaimed songwriters like Greg Becker who have guided her through the music business. Though her career is only beginning, she has already found her niche in making unapologetic, raw country music, punctuated by lyrical twists and a twangy growl.



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